About us

Total Customs Services inc. has 75 years of Customs and Logistics knowledge and experience.

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We demonstrate our longevity through extensive customs knowledge, our niche Concierge Service and ability to diversify with the fluctuations in the customs industry along with our customers needs.

We specialize in offering a one contact 24/7 representative for all our clients, regardless of where or how the shipment is clearing customs. We strive to be the preferred trade expert and logistics provider for shippers needing innovative, cost-effective and integrated supply chain solutions to move their product from the point of production, to the point of consumption anywhere in the world.

Owned and operated by the Maislin family, our concierge service offers our clients a complete array of Customs Service, Complete Consultation and Protection against Customs interventions and a complete line of air, ocean and ground logistical solutions.

TOTAL Customs Services inc. is a licensed Customs Broker with a national bond posted with Canada Customs, this enables us to take care of customs clearance nationwide - at all borders. Supply Chain Management is a thriving business which brings people and nations together, TOTAL Customs Services inc. is proud to be involved in this unique industry and to be able to facilitate global interactions.

International trade has never been so easy.